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Dr. Tonmoy Sharma’s Vision for Sovereign Health Profiled in New Video

San Clemente, Calif. — June 1, 2016 — Sovereign Health Group has launched a new video that captures the vision of its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Tonmoy Sharma. The video, featuring Ashish “Ash” Bhatt, M.D., Sovereign Health Group’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO), presents Dr. Sharma’s and Dr. Bhatt’s long-term goals for Sovereign Health. Dr. Sharma and Dr. Bhatt, two clinically trained medical professionals with a high level of research expertise, bring cutting-edge, evidence-based medicine to patients dealing with addiction and behavioral health disorders.

“As a physician tasked with overseeing the clinical and medical vision of Sovereign, it’s important for me to work alongside Dr. Sharma. Our synergy as medical professionals allows us to offer treatment modalities that enable us to accept clinical cases that other treatment providers cannot,” says Dr. Bhatt. “In order to take on the clinical and health care challenges of tomorrow and beyond, ‘cutting-edge’ and ‘evidenced-based medicine’ are terms that cannot merely be thrown around by those who are not trained and do not offer such treatment. This has to be demonstrated. The future of Sovereign holds the continuous pursuit of the highest-quality programming, provision for researched treatment methodologies, and a model of reproducible and reliable health care centers that will continue to grow nationally. Our hope is to extend a diverse repertoire of services and centers to those from all walks of life who suffer from addictive diseases and behavioral health disorders.”

As noted in this new footage, Dr. Sharma is focused on developing treatment techniques based on research methodologies that are reliable and therefore reproducible. While Dr. Sharma doesn’t work directly with patients, his medical training allows him to speak a common language with his medical and clinical leadership and direct them accordingly. Under Dr. Sharma’s guidance, Sovereign Health offers an integrated approach to behavioral health care and addiction treatment, focusing on the importance of dual diagnosis when treating patients. For more information about Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, click HERE for the Clinical Neuroscience Research Centre.

About Sovereign Health Group

The Sovereign Health Group’s mission has been to provide a broad spectrum of high-quality behavioral health treatment services for adults and adolescents, including support services for family members. Sovereign Health’s facilities are accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed to treat mental health, substance abuse and dual-diagnosis disorders. For more information, visit  


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