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Featured Patient Review: Hannah

Posted on 09-01-15 in Addiction, Recovery

Featured Patient Review: Hannah

In the realm of addiction recovery, renewed possibilities save lives. This was the case for one of Sovereign Health’s latest patients, Hannah, who wished for another opportunity to readjust the direction her mind and body were headed. Although she attained sobriety for six months prior to Sovereign, Hannah faced an episode of relapse. “I saw everything I worked for kind of go away. And I decided I could either continue using and abusing and not go anywhere in life or I could actually do something about it,” she said.

Through word of mouth at her previous treatment center, Hannah was recommended to Sovereign Health due to its unique dual diagnosis platform. She was instantly relieved to hear more about the program’s heavy emphasis on underlying issues through therapy in contrast to alternatives that only recited the 12-steps of recovery, of which she was already familiar. The exclusive space with other women in group therapy was another big plus for Hannah, as she felt much more comfortable opening up during the therapeutic process.

Hannah also entered the dual diagnosis program with a personal plan of action, specifically to build back her confidence and self-esteem. Overall, she wanted to shift her mindset away from immediate yet, short-term solutions to her problems, such as substance use, and move toward her future needs without manipulative dependencies. She suggested that others do the same if they want to see results. She added, “The biggest thing is to advocate for yourself here. You get what you put into treatment and if you put in a lot then you can really grow.”

Sovereign Health Group is a leader in providing excellent care and hosts a number of different treatment options for adults and adolescents including support services for the family system as well. Along with dual diagnosis, Sovereign also offers addiction and mental health treatment programs that utilize innovative cognitive testing, rehabilitation and evidence-based treatment methods. For further information regarding available options and plans, please visit our website at or call our 24/7 admissions helpline at 866-616-3277.

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Written by Lee Yates, Sovereign Health Group writer