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05-23   New marijuana products and edibles leading to unexpected highs

Gone are the days when one used to get high with a spliff, people, these days, are experiencing unexpected highs even by consuming newly launched marijuana products and edibles, says a recent study conducted by the RTI International in Colorado. These products started flooding the market soon after recreational marijuana became legal. In Colorado, adult […]

02-08   Join us for our CADC certification open house

Sovereign Institute will soon be offering certification classes to become a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor (CADC) through the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP, formerly CAADAC). Sovereign is proud to help the next generation of addiction counselors reach their professional goals. Career benefits The highly rewarding work of drug and alcohol counseling helps […]

09-18   How drug decriminalization helped Portugal

In 1999, Portugal was in the midst of a drug crisis. Nearly 1 percent of the population was addicted to heroin. Drug-related AIDS deaths were far from uncommon — in fact, Portugal had the highest rates of drug-related AIDS deaths in the entire European Union. In 2001, Portugal did not increase drug-related penalties, develop a […]

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08-29   U.S. military personnel need mental health support

Gen. Robert B. Neller, is commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He’s a man who doesn’t mince words and he got right to it in the American Psychiatric Association’s 2016 Annual Meeting this year in Atlanta. “We need your help,” he said of the Marine Corps’ […]

05-17   CARA passes the House with 400 votes

Editor’s Note: As of Jul 13, 2016: Congress has approved of a final version of the Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Act, allowing the bill to move to the president’s desk. The Senate passed a version of CARA in March, and the House passed its own version in May, but bills must be passed in identical form […]

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