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07-17   Gas lighting: A wicked form of mental abuse

Rooms illuminated with gas light are notoriously known to feel unpleasant and oppressive. Being manipulated by another person also feels unpleasant and oppressive. When someone manipulates another person into questioning his or her own sanity, it is called gas lighting. Origin of the term First described in the medical journal Lancet in 1969, the term […]

07-10   Cheer Up the Lonely Day: Help others without jeopardizing your own recovery

Francis Pesek of Detroit had a birthday wish: to promote kindness and outreach to the homebound and nursing home populations who have no family or friends to visit them. Thanks to him, July 11 has now become National “Cheer Up the Lonely” Day. People across America visit, call, send cards or flowers, volunteer and do […]

07-02   Research shows marriage may protect against alcoholism – mostly

In May, a study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry revealed a new, unexpected weapon against alcoholism: marriage. The study Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University in Virginia and Lund University in Sweden performed an extensive, data-driven study on how marriage influences the likelihood of a person later developing alcoholism. These researchers examined more than […]

06-11   China’s ‘leftover women’ and the effect on mental health

Mao Tse-tung started it. In speaking of China’s Cultural Revolution, he declared, “Women hold up half the sky.” Around 50 years after that statement, it appears the sky is falling on millennial Chinese woman. Shengnu, translated as “leftover women,” is a derogatory term that stigmatizes women who are 25 or older and unmarried. Shengnu are […]

05-30   The surprising benefits of male bonding

“I love you, man!” “Bromances” – an easier way to describe a tight, platonic friendship between two men – are often portrayed humorously. Male bonding is a faintly ridiculous thing, judging from television and movies, with a clownish aspect that invites jokes. Even now, guys aren’t expected to be emotionally open, even with each other. This […]

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