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07-20   Recovery-oriented cognitive therapy shows promising results for people with schizophrenia

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Lack of adequate information has given rise to fear and apprehension against people living with schizophrenia. The fact that this mental health problem requires lifelong treatment despite medication alleviating its symptoms has only added to the existing doubts about the disorder. A recent study, titled “Six-Month Follow-Up of Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy for Low-Functioning Individuals with […]

05-17   Schizophrenia – an invisible yet omnipresent reality in America

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“They’ve injected me with some kind of weird drug because they hate me,” whined 26-year-old Aaron (name changed) of New York, speaking to his mother on the phone. “These scheming guys here simply want me out of their way so that I’m not a threat to them,” It was the fourth time during the last […]