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08-29   There Goes the Neighborhood: Police to Regain Access to Military Equipment

Posted in Self-help

By Lise Millay Stevens Hold on to your hats, America. Actually, grab a crash helmet. Maybe some body armor, too. No, we’re not talking about the horrendous flooding that has inundated Houston and surrounding area in Texas. There is a dark and – if possible – more ominous storm gathering on the horizon. And this […]

02-28   ‘Stranger Things’ star goes from self-harm to whole self

Actress Shannon Purser gained a cult following for her role as Barb in the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things,” but it may surprise many of her devoted fans to learn that, before contending with monsters from the Upside Down, she grappled with mental illness. Purser’s story can serve as an example of how people can […]

11-09   Performing under pressure and overcoming stress

In physics, pressure is an antagonist – typically a gaseous or fluid body – that acts upon an object in a perpendicular direction, producing a sensation or physical change. Stress is usually a solid, that can internally affect another body either by perpendicular contact or parallel influence. And so it is with life. Many of […]

08-23   Should I date a recovering addict?

Posted in Self-help

You’ve met a magnificent person and have already been on five wonderful dates. Everything is going great. At the end of your sixth date, however, your partner drops a bombshell on you: “I’m a recovering addict.” What do you do? Should you tell your friends or family members? Should you continue to date this person? […]

06-24   Freeing the mind for the ‘Capture’ of mental illness

It’s that nagging feeling in your head, in your heart, in your gut. Wherever it manifests, that feeling is your mind’s way of saying it wants that certain thing. For some people it can be a favorite food or contact with a loved one. For others it can mean another line of cocaine or a […]

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