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02-16   The serious lack of mental health support on college campuses

The rising mental health issues among students in the United States is a big health concern. Looking at the scenario, the need of the hour is to improve the provision of mental health services on college campuses. A recent survey has illustrated that demand for mental health care across college campuses across the country has […]

01-20   Google search shows anxiety to be highest in New England

An analysis of Google searches on the subject of anxiety for all American states reveals that Maine is 21 percent above the national average. Other states in New England, including New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, all sit at the top of the chart of highest percentage of Google searches for anxiety. Although New […]

12-28   Recovering from Christmas – mind, wallet and soul

Posted in Anxiety, Depression, Stress

With shaking hands and a tired, anxious look in her eyes, she plants both feet on the ground and stands up. She looks around the circle of similar expressions and with a frustrated sigh, confesses, “Hi. My name is Jan, and I’m a Christma-holic.” Surfing social media and news it appears a common consensus the […]

11-09   Performing under pressure and overcoming stress

In physics, pressure is an antagonist – typically a gaseous or fluid body – that acts upon an object in a perpendicular direction, producing a sensation or physical change. Stress is usually a solid, that can internally affect another body either by perpendicular contact or parallel influence. And so it is with life. Many of […]

08-21   The United States’ suicide tsunami

The depressed in United States have been silently receding into the terror of their own miserable angst like a trough of seawater pulling back before a tsunami. The number of Americans killing themselves has been steadily rising for more than a decade, but over the last 15 years the swell has ascended to horrifying proportions. […]

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