Substance Abuse

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08-23   Mexican soldiers confiscate 140 pounds of fentanyl at the border

The officers of the Mexican Army’s Second Military Zone in northern Mexico seized an astonishing 140-pound consignment of fentanyl from a truck near a highway checkpoint close to the American border on Aug. 22, 2017. The soldiers said that the drug consignment comprised of bricks wrapped in plastic sheets and concealed in the insulated floor […]

05-04   Substance abuse and domestic violence share a strong relationship

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le association between abuse of illicit substances and spousal mistreatment. Prior reports on domestic violence had pinpointed at the increasing rate of alcohol and drug use by the perpetrators of the crime. However, law enforcement agencies in the U.S. have now found a strong relationship between opioid abuse and domestic abuse. Corroborating the fact of […]

04-12   Substance use disorder is a treatable chronic medical condition, says ACP

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The problem of drug overdose and related challenges is at an all-time high in the United States but not all drug abusers have access to the necessary treatment. Substance misuse and abuse, including that of illegal and prescription drugs, has become a serious concern. While millions of people in the U.S. continue to suffer from […]

02-17   Study reveals the dangerous effects of synthetic marijuana

Synthetic compounds, also called “new psychoactive substances,” are drugs created in laboratories to mimic the psychoactive effects of illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine and heroin. Sold in headshops and by internet retailers, synthetic marijuana and other types of synthetic drugs with names like Spice and K2. When not masquerading as incense and potpourri products, synthetic […]

02-15   Soaring prices of anti-overdose drug naloxone causes concern

  Just over 33,000 people overdosed from opioid drugs in 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Such overdoses have quadrupled since 1999. Naloxone, a drug which can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, has seen its profile rise substantially as a result. The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, signed […]

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