“The Unbearable Weight” Eating Disorder

Sovereign Health Debunks Myths about Eating Disorders

Eating disorders have many causes and symptoms and can affect anyone, but oftentimes, false information is spread about the disease. Sovereign Health Media Correspondent, Alyssa Bochenek, sits down with Sarah Atchison, a Clinician at Sovereign Health, to break down and debunk five myths surrounding eating disorders and let you know how we can help if […]

Interview: Eating disorders discussed through the eyes of a therapist

Read this Q&A with Cameron Anderson, IMF, an eating disorder therapist. To return to our “The Unbearable Weight” toolkit, click here. Eating disorders have been spotlighted, analyzed and deconstructed through statistical surveys, scientific discoveries and clinical studies into the psyche of those who have had them. But different insights can be gained by looking through […]

Article : Navigating insurance on the way to treatment

Arriving at the decision to seek professional help for eating disorders is rarely easy. Stigma – perceiving someone in a negative light because of an illness or disability – can be a powerful force in discouraging a person from seeking help. In 2015, a team of researchers from Emory University, the Illinois Institute of Technology […]

Article: An introduction to binge eating disorder

Everybody’s overdone it at one time or another. If it wasn’t the third helping at Thanksgiving or Christmas, it might have been the pint of ice cream downed after a rough day at work, or maybe the entire pizza consumed while watching the playoffs. Overeating is certainly not healthy, but it’s something everybody does occasionally. […]

Article: Introduction to bulimia

When people think of eating disorders, they tend to think of people who starve themselves. Bulimia nervosa is different. Its patients are every bit as focused on their image as an anorexia patient, but with a crucial difference: A person with bulimia eats … and eats … and eats. Then they throw it up. Or […]

Article: Introduction to anorexia

You’ve probably seen it. Maybe it was rumors about an actress’s appearance, or a debate over an advertisement featuring models who were too thin. Or maybe it was a family member who just refused to eat time and time again. That refusal is what makes anorexia nervosa alternately maddening and devastating for the people around […]

Article: Introduction to lesser-known eating disorders

Anorexia, bulimia and binge eating – when people think of eating disorders, it’s probably one or maybe all of these they think of. However, there are a number of other disorders that can cause health and social problems for the people who have them: Night eating syndrome More serious than the occasional midnight snack, people […]

Survey: What's in your lunchbox?

This survey will help you take stock of your eating styles to give you can idea of what potential eating disorders to watch out for. Establishing a healthy relationship with food is vital for both physical and mental health. To return to our “The Unbearable Weight” toolkit, click here. What’s in Your Lunchbox? Take this […]

Interactive graphic: Opening the door on eating disorders

When a loved one is developing an eating disorder, it’s not always obvious. Many patients go out of their way to hide their activities from friends and family. It’s important to recognize the clues that could indicate disordered behavior and know what to do about it when signs present themselves. To learn more, click on […]

Eating Disorder Guidebook

This toolkit and downloadable 64-page guidebook helps individuals, family and friends talk about, handle and recover together from anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia and related disorders.

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