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eTherapy Keeps Patients in Touch With Therapists … and Their Recovery

Treatment doesn’t end when a patient’s care becomes less intensive. Addiction and mental illnesses respond well to intensive treatment, but that’s only the beginning. Patients who leave the sheltered, managed environment of 24/7 care can find themselves falling into bad habits or harmful thought patterns – especially if they’re in an environment where help isn’t as easy to get as it once was.

Sovereign Health’s telehealth option called eTherapy means therapy is only a click away. Patients with a computer, laptop or smartphone can engage in the same lifesaving therapy they received while with us – only from the comfort of their own home.

What Is eTherapy?

eTherapy is a form of telehealth that allows patients to receive face-to-face counseling via video or text chat. Patients first log into a secure video chat program, and then participate in a session with a licensed clinician. eTherapy sessions last around 50 minutes, similar to a traditional one-on-one therapy session in an office. The video program is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations on privacy and confidentiality, and can be accessed with computers, tablets and phones.

The Advantages of eTherapy

Talk therapy is a critical element of effective treatment. Patients learn how to recognize harmful thought patterns and new ways of viewing themselves and the world around them. Therapy also helps patients recognize and avoid potentially harmful situations and environments leading to relapses. Traditionally, therapy is delivered in a therapist’s office. However, eTherapy brings the office to the patient.

Sovereign’s eTherapy gives patients in outpatient care a great deal of flexibility with when and where they can receive treatment. Patients who are conducting job searches, attending classes or engaged in other activities only need to log into the video chat software for a therapy session. eTherapy’s benefits include:

  • Greater scheduling freedom.
  • Making continuing treatment easy.
  • Allowing access to therapy regardless of the patient’s location.
  • Allowing therapy for patients who are uncomfortable with in-person therapy.

Who Benefits From eTherapy?

During their stay in treatment, patients move between various levels of care. Early levels, such as residential treatment (RTC) and partial hospitalization (PHP) are intensive levels of care, keeping the patient near the resources and professional help they need. As patients make progress, they graduate to less-intensive levels of care, such as Sovereign’s outpatient programs, where they begin to rebuild their lives with job searches or continuing their education.

This can present patients with new challenges. A new job may make scheduling therapy sessions difficult. Or a patient who lives in an area where therapy sessions or resources such as 12-step groups are hard to find may find getting the continuing care they need difficult.

eTherapy removes those barriers. A patient only needs access to the internet and a device capable of streaming video to attend treatment sessions.

Currently, eTherapy is used for Sovereign patients in its outpatient levels of care.

Why Choose Sovereign Health?

Sovereign Health’s staff of compassionate experts are always looking for new tools to help our patients make a positive change in their lives. We use cutting-edge technology, evidence-based treatment modalities and alternative therapy methods to support our patients from admission into continuing care. We strive to ensure every patient has the best chance at a full recovery.

We offer effective, comprehensive care for mental illnesses, addiction disorders, dual diagnosis and eating disorders. Our treatment centers throughout the country provide a wide variety of specialty programs and options for every kind of patient. Sovereign prides itself on giving every patient the best chance at a lasting recovery. If you’d like more information about eTherapy or the many other services Sovereign offers, please call our 24/7 helpline.

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